Dries Van Noten (Frédéric Malle)

Creative synchronicity is a concept I understand because I've seen it happen with my own six senses. An idea travels along the world’s neural circuits from one artist's mind to another, coming to fruition simultaneously in two entirely separate spheres. When this occurs, one looks the zeitgeist in the eye and feels a jolt, a shock, a shiver of recognition...
Could it be?
Yes, it could.
Something's coming,
Something good...
Unfortunately, in my admittedly limited experience, an idea only produces that feeling at its birth. After that, the thrill ebbs away; each successive iteration dilutes it further until at last it's just a memory.

Or a facsimile.

Just as every person on earth is said to have a “twin” living somewhere unmet and unseen, it’s probable that every individual perfume shares a kinship with at least one other, both displaying the same inherited traits. If this is so, then the perfume known as Dries Van Noten could be the twin of Puredistance M...only they can't really be twins if they were born three years apart. Maybe if there had been TEN years’ distance between it and M, I’d be able to discern something revolutionary here, a risk taken. But there are none. DvN plays it safe by emulating what has gone before.

You've doubtless encountered kids who strive to look, act, talk and walk like their older peers. All the trails they travel have already been blazed; all the audacities committed and blasphemies spoken. Such youngsters are left to wear their hand-me-downs with a sort of fruitless defiance. Deep in their hearts, they know that they do not measure up.

So it goes with poor Dries Van Noten. Even if it had launched simultaneously with M, these two scent-twins would never be strictly identical... not when one clearly towers over the other.

Scent Elements: Sandalwood, guaiac, tonka, vanilla, saffron, jasmine, musk, bergamot, lemon, nutmeg, clove, patchouli, balsam Peru, woods