L'Eau Froide (Serge Lutens)

Thank god for life's little freebies... especially when they come in mini-bottle sizes. L'Eau Froide (Icewater) came to me as a generous gift-with-purchase included with my birthday Arabie. Strangely enough, it has received more wear by now than the illustrious full bottle it accompanied. I suppose I've held off wearing Arabie out of respect for my new colleagues, who might find a blast of souk spices a little overwhelming at the circulation desk. But I haven't hesitated when it comes to wearing L'Eau Froide. Though I wouldn't call it a textbook "office fragrance", it makes its statement in a calm, restrained tone that seems well-suited to the library's hushed atmosphere-- and no complaints from my teammates, either.

Glacial, crystalline, and metallic, L'Eau Froide combines all the best features of Serge Lutens' most unearthly works (Iris Silver Mist and La Myrrhe) with those of his most utilitarian (L'Eau Serge Lutens). Lemony frankincense, snowflake aldehydes, and crisp hesperides fuse into a polar whole that is ameliorated by the heat of fresh-grated ginger root and invigorated by the tonic bitterness of vetiver. If anything can spring-clean my soul, it's this fortifying fragrance. My only concern is whether or not I can make it last until summer. What a refresher it will be then, if only I can show some self-control!

Scent Elements: Frankincense, oceanic saltwater, hesperides, musk, vetiver, mint, incense, pepper, ginger.