Vie de Château (Parfums De Nicolaï)

C'est la vie de château, pourvu que ça dure (this is the good life, for as long as it lasts)! Truer words were never translated into perfume, a medium naturally inclined to fade no sooner than it delights. Patricia de Nicolaï's interpretation accomplishes the latter with ease, and resists the former just stalwartly enough to please me even more. Without prevarication or apology, Vie de Château emulates the grand green chypres of the 1970s in all their dry nobility, with just a ray of sunlight to soften the traditional harshness of the terrain. Life in this castle is a chilly affair; one finds few comforts here. But King or Queen, whosoever sits in the high-seat hall has earned them-- and to wear the scent of Vie de Château is one way to capture the castle.

Scent Elements: Grapefruit, ferns, grass, herbs, vetiver, tobacco, hay, patchouli, leather, oakmoss, musk