Aoud Gourmet (M. Micallef)

As the roles of parfumeur and pâtissier become increasingly entangled, a gourmand fragrance has to really be a show-stopper to differentiate itself from run-of-the-mill bakery fare. Like the label says, Micallef's Aoud Gourmet is a mystifying twist of the dessert menu-- blending robust agarwood with a decadent array of sweets like honey and marzipan. It would have been appallingly easy to overembellish -- more fudge towers, more spun sugar clouds, more icing roses, a butterscotch fountain! -- but the noses managed to keep Aoud Gourmet beautifully simple. (Not so its bottle, which appears to have met its fate at the hands of a craft pirate armed with a Bedazzler.)

Scent Elements: Marzipan, sugar, honey, patchouli, cedar, nutmeg, cardamom, ambergris, sandalwood, cashmere woods, musk