Aqua Allegoria Anisia Bella (Guerlain)

Anise, fennel, and licorice all share an almost interchangeable olfactory profile. It's common to find fennel described as "anise-like", or anise as "licorice-like", etc., etc. But each is in fact very distinct from the others, right down to their constituent parts. The sweet, green, delicate scent of the fresh roots and foliage cannot be compared to the intense volatility of the seed-derived essential oils. Fennelseed is slightly more salty-savory and warm than aniseed, which has a cold but also bright quality. In turn, licorice root extract is dark, sticky, honeylike in concentration. A taste for one leads to a taste for all the rest.

Anisia Bella, therefore, cannot help but be a disappointment, for it satisfies none of these hungers. It's a wan, green-leaf cologne with a fast-fading violet note; if this is what you like, you're in luck. Otherwise, better to hunt down bottles of Etro Anice, Tokyo Milk Arsenic, Kenzo Jungle L'Éléphant, Caron Eau de Réglisse, or 1000 Flowers' thrilling Réglisse Noire for your fennel/anise/licorice fix.

Scent Elements: Anise, orange, bergamot, basil, star anise, violet, jasmine, licorice wood, cedar