Cèdre (Serge Lutens)

Since I'm clearly on a tuberose kick (most unusual for me, since I've long had my quarrels with this heavy floral note), I may as well give a shout-out to a fragrance I've been enjoying spritz by spritz for quite some time now. Thanks to JoanElaine, a generous sample of Cèdre came my way several years ago; I've eked it out with all the care and prudence I can muster. It hasn't been hard. This stuff is powerful-- a tuberose fully as monolithic as the Godzilla muguet found in Amouage Ubar. A spritz (hell, half a spritz!) goes an awfully long way... but how scenic that way is! Here, one discovers a wealth of cool, waxy white petals kissed by the sun. But in the same sense that it takes more than plain buttercream frosting to make an attractive cake, Cèdre comes dusted with fresh-grated cinnamon-- a note so legible that it almost supersedes tuberose as the main attraction. Sometimes the garnish deserves top billing because it makes you want to devour your way down to an empty, gleaming plate.

Scent Elements: Tuberose, cinnamon, cloves, cedar, musk, amber