Haute Provence Eau de Cologne (Parfums De Nicolaï)

This 1992 lavender-heavy eau de cologne was one of Patricia de Nicolaï's first releases. Blacknall likes it so much, she gifted it to me twice. (Thanks, sister.) I only realized this a short while ago, while sorting through my samples; obviously I never got around to wearing Haute Provence until now, and more's the pity. I may not be as besotted as Blacknall, but I like this fragrance enough to combine my two samples into a single sprayer and carry it around.

As it turns out, there couldn't have been a better day than today to have Haute Provence in my purse. The temperature crept up to an oppressive ninety degrees, and with the air conditioning conveniently on the fritz, the library felt like the interior of a steam radiator. All I wanted was to project the scent of something other than sweat and armpits. To that end, Haute Provence acquitted itself admirably. It's dry, airy, and attractively herbal, and while it doesn't exactly possess that quality which plainfolks call "sticktuitiveness", I had enough in my spray vial to err on the side of generosity.

In fact, right now -- at nearly ten o'clock at night -- I'm still spritzing. (Or is that shvitzing?)

Scent Elements: Citrus, lavender, myrtle