No. 23 (Ava Luxe)

For the last week, I haven't worn perfume at all due to a sinus-slamming head cold. Believe me, it pained me less to have to wipe my dripping faucet of a nose for the 1,000th time than to be unable to breathe AND SMELL through it. Hankering for scent as my congestion let up, I figured any perfume would do. Now I see (and smell) the error of my logic.

I never thought I'd ever say that I wished I had no sense of smell. But no sooner did I apply Ava Luxe No. 23 than I immediately wished for anosmia to descend. We perfumistas know full well that our favorite frags are made largely of chemicals, but most 'fumes have the delicacy not to flaunt it. No. 23, on the other hand is proudly, aggressively chemical-- and it wants to broadcast it to the whole world. Not since Niona EdP or Smell Bent's Challah Atcha Boy have I smelled a fragrance so repellent. NEVER-- and I've smelled quite a few. How can you take sandalwood and cherry-candy heliotrope and make it into the olfactory equal of sucking on a stainless steel wingnut?

Ask Ava Luxe, I guess. I'll be busy in the bathroom, scrubbing my wrists until they're as raw as my nostrils.

Scent Elements: Hawthorn, sandalwood, acacia, rose, geranium, lavender, musk