Eau Duelle (Diptyque)

Thus far, my experience with Diptyque fragrances has been polarized between Awesome and Boring with no middle ground. (Please note that I specify "Boring" as the negative value rather than "Awful". I have yet to encounter a truly crappy Diptyque, though one might still be hiding among the many fragrances of theirs that I have yet to try.)

Eau Duelle joins Eau Lente and Virgilio in the column devoted to Boring Diptyques I HAVE Tried. Ameliorating my disappointment is the fact that even these are vaguely comforting-- and Eau Duelle does not break this mold. A by-the-book vanilla supplied with a very slight masculine edge courtesy of cardamom and musk, it smells familiar and reassuring, like really nice shaving cream used by a man you know and trust. And hell, even that guy has been known to live it up... and when he does, that's when he wears the everfabulous L'Eau. He might even layer it over the mellow Eau Duelle, making both smell better in one fell swoop.

Scent Elements: Bourbon vanilla, bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper, juniper berry, elemi, frankincense, saffron, black tea, musk, ambergris