Mythique (Parfums Del Rae)

The niche perfumery playbook is a formulaic affair. First, a daring symphonic floral to get everyone's attention. Then a spice market amber to show that there will be something for everyone. After that, the gourmand-with-a-wink. The white-sand beach tropical. The manly eau de cologne. The innocent bridal bouquet. The sexy "skin scent" inspired by that erotic novel. The edgy leather. The textbook oud. And so on, and so on, until all the remaining perfumery tropes are exhausted.

This one's the Oriental, complete with a regulation quasi-mystical name. Unlike most others of its type, its volume dial has been turned down halfway between zero and one. Rather than total silence, it produces just enough noise to make you think there are coherent words to be found amidst the background murmur. Stop straining to listen. This is not the language of angels. Sometimes babble is just babble-- by default or by design.

Scent Elements: Mandarin, Italian bergamot, ivy, peony, jasmine sambac concrete, Florentine orris butter, sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli, ambrette