The last Empress.

The label on the vial reads "Empress Chong Vintage Parfum". A fellow perfumista who confessed that she absolutely despises vintage fragrance sent it to me, more to get it off her hands than anything else. It came with no other provenance; no clues to its origins, no leads on what inspired its creation. Despite dogged searching, I can find no information whatsoever about this perfume or its maker online. For all I know, it might not even be all that vintage. It's possible that I am the only person on earth who has ever worn it. And I'm happy to be, because this is a vicious old-school nightclub chypre dressed up in silk and blowing spiteful dragon puffs of cigarette smoke directly in my face. I half expect her to grind her stiletto heel into my ankle under the table... and I love it. I love every minute of it. And even if no one else remembers her, I will never forget.

Scent Elements: A ton of good old-fashioned oakmoss, just as nature intended.