Vacances (Jean Patou)

Well, here I am, finally on vacation and wearing Vacances (natch). No sooner do I get done talking about the type of perfume my husband and I both despise than I end up having to wear one for two whole days. Oh sorrow, sorrow!

Vacances is clean. Soapy clean. Scouring pad clean. Scrubbin' bubbles clean. Next-to-Godliness clean. I half imagine it percolating on my skin like hydrogen peroxide, disinfecting my soul as the minutes pass. It's got its job cut out for it, to be sure, what with all the furtive, sinister chypres I've been favoring of late. But Vacances is SO upright, SO missionary, it could turn Maleficent herself into Sleeping Beauty-- eternal snoring and all.

There are vacations that involve dust and danger and tent pegs and sudden squalls-- and then there are those which take place in nice, quiet hotels where every day unfolds according to a preprinted agenda and the rooms are so ruthlessly tidy you feel like you've checked into rehab. Vacances is one of the latter. I hear that Jean Patou shuffled off this mortal coil the year it came out. I don't blame him one bit. Vacances smells like a nursing home. Who'd want to linger?

Scent Elements: Aldehydes, hawthorn, hyacinth, mimosa, lilac, galbanum, musk