Yuzu Man (Caron)

There is a distinct color/temperature divide between citrus essences. The sweeter pink-red-orange varieties are best suited to "warm" compositions -- ambery orientals, zesty fruity florals, and spicy tea gourmands. On the other hand, the bitter/tart quality of yellow-green lemon, lime, grapefruit, and yuzu is what makes colognes, fougères, and aquatics so beautifully cooling. Sometimes odd crossovers occur, as when lemon zest appears next to a robust coffee note. But in hot weather, the best part of the citrus color spectrum is green, green, green.

Yuzu Man lacks the distinctive, plaintive aroma of the fruit from which it borrows its name-- but we won't hold that against such an affable summer scent. It's all wood and water and fresh green herbs with a very pale lemon riding on top. There much about it that I find pleasing, though its charms don't last very long. You could do both better and worse, 'tis true-- but that's the precise nature of the middle of the road.

Scent Elements: Yuzu, verbena, basil, mastic, fig, cedar, sandalwood.