Un Crime Exotique (Parfumerie Générale)

The crime? That this fancy-schmancy French jus smells similar but not even nearly as good as some stuff sold by the plastic bottle at my local supermarket. I kid you not. Colonia Canela by Crusellas & Co. packs every bit of Un Crime's cinnamon-spice wallop, sets you back only three dollars, and is under no threat of imminent discontinuation. You can snap up enough of it to last you years and never have to skimp on application. Get you some, and forget all about Pierre Guillaume and his ugly mug. (FYI, I'm totally kidding about that last part. He may only be a middling perfumer in my book, but clearly those hours he spends in front of a mirror primping and posing his handsome self have paid off for us all.)

Scent Elements: Ginger, osmanthus, tea, cinnamon, star anise, vanilla, yerba mate, sandalwood