L'Accord Code 119 (Caron)

Going on four and a half years ago, I described Angel as if it were Tolkien's Shelob, "(deploying) a stinger full of venom in the form of a blackcurrant note so boozy I thought I'd been teleported back to 1987, when the candy trend for high-school girls was fancy French cassis pastilles in collectible tins filled with powdered sugar. When you were done with the pastilles, you emptied out the sugar and used the tin to store your cocaine. And when you were done with the cocaine, you drank most of a bottle of cheap Leroux's blackberry brandy in a desperate attempt to come down. Then you puked yourself dry and promised God and your sainted grandmother never, ever, EVER to do it again."


Scent Elements: Cassis, blackberry, jasmine, heliotrope, patchouli, black pepper, amber, musk, vanilla