Sikkim Girls (LUSH)

Peculiar and powerful, nag champa is a traditional Indian fragrance which juxtaposes moist, buttery frangipani against a backdrop of dark, ashy wood notes. If you've ever encountered cheap nag champa, you'll recognize its olfactory sketch of head-shop hippiedom in all its patchworked splendor. What may not be readily apparent at first sniff is this scent's basic charisma. Properly administered in small doses, nag champa reveals a subtle, spicy character said to cause delirium in excessive amounts. Consider yourself warned!

Even thus cautioned, I've hit my sample vial of LUSH Sikkim Girls fully four out of the last six days. What can I tell you? The yin/yang contradiction-and-balance of its notes has put me in a trance. Combine creamy frangipani with the vanilla shaving-lather effect of coumarin; spice it up with geranium and clove, then cool it down with cardamom. Neutralize the threat of soapiness with the delightful fraîcheur of lemon zest-- and then, when no one's looking, hit the wearer squarely with a wallop of deliciously fatty jasmine. Think you stand a chance?

I dare anyone to remain indifferent to this fragrance's straightforward beauty... but then again, for all the fight I put up, I'm one to talk.

Scent Elements: Jasmine, frangipani, tuberose, carnation, geranium, mimosa, clove, lemon, lily-of-the-valley, vanilla