Amun Re: The Tears of Ra (Soivohle)

Here's a battered suitcase covered in faded travel stickers. When it was brand-new, it shone with emergent promise. But now? Inside, it's jam-packed with silk négligées, clove cigarettes, sticks of kohl and face-powder compacts. Outside, it wears a patina of soot, grime, spilled coffee, dents and scratches. In these signs of use and abuse, the story of where its owner has been and all she has witnessed is plainly, proudly told.

Ambre Rayonner was that suitcase pristine and empty. Amun Re is the same suitcase three months and thousands of miles later.

Back in May, when I ordered a bottle of Ambre Rayonner from Soivohle's online store, I added a note to the webform to express my appreciation for that delicious fragrance. In answer, Liz Zorn tucked a generous sample of Amun Re into my shipment. This thoughtful gesture deepens in meaning once you realize that both fragrances are predicated on the golden champagne-like scent of linden blossoms. It was as if Liz had whispered, "See what else tilleul can do."

Ambre Rayonner and Amun Re may share a common scent element (not to mention a monogram-- a nifty touch that gives away their secret relation). But as hinted above, the most remarkable difference between them is the latter's 'lived-in' quality, its settled equanimity, the mark of a matured nature. Ambre Rayonner fizzes, sparkles, and lifts the spirits; Amun Re gently but deliberately presses you down with its slick, satiny weight, pooling like nectar where its sister fragrance would drift as heedlessly as airborne pollen.

One is innocence, the other is wisdom. Try both, and see if you can make out which is which. Gravity will be your key.

Scent Elements: Aldehydes, citron, tilleul, ylang-ylang, hawthorn, angelica root, cassia, opopanax, guaiac, vanilla, honey, amber, hina, ambrette