Marcco Demi-Absolute (Soivohle)

I am acquainted with a number of people who strongly dislike cilantro in their food. Administered with too free a hand in a sautéed or simmered dish, cilantro contributes little but a slimy-soapy mouthfeel which is easy to deem unpleasant, even if you like the taste. But my theory is that they've chosen the wrong temperature for this zesty greenleaf herb. Minced raw for insalata mista or juiced for an emerald-green swirl through the heart of a detoxifying smoothie, cilantro shows its best side fresh from the garden and untouched by any heat save that of the light of the sun.

Marcco (as in Polo!) is a re-release from Liz Zorn's original scent catalog. As such, it gives us a hindsight peek at her early promise (by now fully come to fruition) as a perfumer. Spicy cilantro is Marcco's focal point, but Zorn juxtaposes its charms against a mint-and-basil accord which lends just the right level of frost to the concoction. Sweetened ever so subtly with golden honeylike chamomile, Marcco is summer in a bottle preserved with a chilly future in mind. Uncork it on a grey day and watch a garden grow.

Scent Elements: Coriander, basil absolute, ginger, chamomile, geranium leaf, spearmint, osmanthus absolute, tuberose absolute, guaiac, balsam copaiba, vanilla, amber