Ore (Slumberhouse)

I once received a private message from a Basenotes user (notice I don't say fellow user; after establishing a user account to look in on all the hubbub, I quickly tired of BN's tenor and rarely logged in afterward). Here's what this total stranger had to say for themselves: Your blog lists a sample of Slumberhouse Ore. You don't understand I have to have it. Send it to me I want it. Send it OK? Email me for address. The FUH!?

What can one say to such a outpouring of gimme? And sincerely, what is there to want so damn much in this cheap white chocolate Easter bunny of a fragrance? If you're going to accost total strangers over the internet, at least approach Margot Elena for a bottle of Bittersweet. That way, you'll end up with a treat worth compromising your dignity for.

Scent Elements: Palmarosa, clary sage, dittany of Crete, black pepper, whiskey accord, oakwood, mahogany, guaiac, balsam Peru, cacao, oud, vanilla