Playing hide-and-seek with Sycomore.

In spiritualist parlance, an apport is a mystery object transferred by paranormal means from one place to another. The unnerving thing about apports is not what they are (most often everyday articles such as keys, buttons, tie tacks, or teaspoons) but how they got here-- and how conspicuously out of place they are wherever they wind up.

While sorting through my samples, I came upon a full 1ml. vial of Chanel Sycomore. What?! After my initial experience with this fickle fragrance (which ended with me dumping an entire sample over myself just to stop chasing it around the damn house), I certainly never reordered it. Where did it come from? From what dimension did it travel? I have no earthly idea... but I can propose a few unearthly ones.

Unfortunately, Sycomore offers no new impressions the second time around. It's one of the most abbreviated fragrances I can name: likable for as long as it lasts, which is no time at all. If it's vetiver I crave, I could opt instead to wear Encre Noire or Or Black, neither of which has the bad habit of cutting my pleasure short.

In the meantime, true to form, Sycomore has once more vanished into the woodwork. Undoubtedly it will reappear somewhere on the other side of the world, an aromatic phantom wafting through distant airspace... mysteriously manifesting in a random pocket... raising the hair on the back of someone else's neck.