Sana Parfum Extrait (Slumberhouse)

First came Wazamba by Parfum d'Empire, with its smoky notes of incense, balsam fir, and roasted apple. Next came Soivohle's Solstice, which achieved similar results with frankincense and pine. After that, Roslin by Sweet Anthem arrived, also featuring pine, but this time paired with a dark, delicious, honeyed magnolia. Then Olympic Orchid's Carolina showed up-- once more with the pine, now bolstered with tobacco and burnt sugar.

So what am I to say about Sana? It's the same fragrance I've loved four times before, only a whole lot sweeter, stronger, and more stubborn. Twenty-four hours after first application, it still clings tenaciously to my wrist, refusing to quit when I wish to god it would. And maybe I'm a little bit tired of it, impatient with it, over it. Enough already.

Once had a love, and it was a gas. Soon turned out to be a pain in the ass.

Scent Elements: Tagetes syrup, balsam fir, suede, magnolia, thorns, honey, red raspberry leaf absolute, sweet birch