Summer's end... Somer's beginning.

Here at the Shore, we've left the frying pan and ended up in the fire. A drastic turn toward moist, hot, windless weather has got us all groaning... but I imagine our island neighbors regard this sort of climate as old news. Described here as "energy-sapping, debilitating, chronic", Bermudan humidity makes a change of clothes every few hours a virtual imperative... but two spritzes of Lili Bermuda Somers puts you on the best-dressed list no matter what else you're (not) wearing. This spicy melange of licorice and woods is haunted by an elusive tobacco note like the Ghost of Monte Cristos Past. (It's probably that cigar-box cedarwood accord oft-used by Lili B., but here turned up just one handsome notch.) It wears lightly yet lasts forever, renewed to freshness by every errant breeze.

Need a hero for the duration of the the dog days? Somers may very well be your man.