Ambush Vintage Eau de Cologne (Dana)

This past weekend found me working a Sunday shift back in my old stomping grounds... an arduous task, but not without reward. Lo and behold, my old pal Mrs. Young greeted me at the circulation desk with a sweet selection of vintage perfumes! She sent me home happy with mini-bottles of Anne Klein II Parfum (1985), Chloé (1975) and Chloé Narcisse (1992), Coty Longing (1994), and Dana Ambush Eau de Cologne (1955).

Ambush's predecessor (by two decades) is that grand succès, Canoe (or Canoé, as charmingly upmarketed by Basenotes). Canoe began its tenure as a feminine fragrance and then (in a sort of reverse Jicky maneuver) was annexed by the menfolk, who recognized in its soapy vanilla-tinged lavender all that could be desired in an aromatic fougère. Canoe had indeed been ambushed... but with a name change and a femmed-up formula, Dana managed to restore the scoreboard to even-steven.

Most notes lists for Ambush feature only six scent elements: bergamot, lavender, heliotrope, jasmine, orchid, and oakmoss. This is rather disappointingly reductive for a copy based on a complex original. I've smelled them both in vintage form, and I'm fairly certain that Ambush has got everything Canoe's got, and then some. The entire fougère arsenal is in there, la toute chose absolument, PLUS purty flowers and what my nose perceives as an extra dose of hazy Shalimaresque resins. Mama like!

Along with Old Spice, Canoe is quite the hit amongst aging Barnegat Bay crab-boat captains. Many a salty octogenarian carries its scent on his frayed collar-- but what about the Missus? I rather think that Ambush's masculine tailoring is all wrong for her day-to-day life. From what I understand, Revlon Ciara is more her style: full-skirted, womanly, as soft and comfortable as a chenille honeymoon bathrobe in its fifth decade of wear. As they say, age ain't nothin' but a number.

Scent Elements: Lavender, lemon, clary sage, carnation, geranium, heliotrope, jasmine, orchid, cloves, patchouli, cedar, tonka bean, styrax, opopanax, benzoin, vanilla, oakmoss, musk