Fleurs De Glace (Olympic Orchids)

Fleurs de glace, or "frost flowers", are crystal formations which appear on the Arctic Ocean only when precise conditions are achieved. Slight temperature fluctuations cause them to collapse-- yet it is theorized that the same means which cause them to appear today helped to boost life onto the shores of yesteryear. In essence, we humans are descendents of the original fleurs de glace: given the right circumstances, we flourish... but look at us sidelong, and we dissolve.

How I wish I could say as much of the experience of wearing this perfume. As that promising initial accord of pepper, ozone, and cyclamen dissipated -- which it did right quick! -- I did not yield. I merely recognized the same base that Ellen Covey used for Osafume, the perfume I only just recently wore and disliked. This hint of trickery disappoints me. Was I not supposed to notice? Or was I just supposed to melt on contact?

Scent Elements: Galbanum, black pepper, cyclamen, ozonic accord, vanilla, white musk