Flou Parfum Extrait (Slumberhouse)

Ivy, grape, morning glory, sweet pea, pole bean, honeysuckle, wisteria. Vine plants have always struck me as unnerving evidence of Mother Nature's avarice. Driven by a nameless volition, their serpentine tendrils worm through walls, suffocate forests, and engulf the world in ever-tightening spirals. If this sounds like the stuff of B-movie screamfests, it ought to. What's more terrifying than a mindless parasite that slowly strangles its prey... then spills cascades of lovely blossoms over the crime scene?

Flou combines the nectar of summer honeysuckle, the tannic bouquet of ripe Concord grapes, and the Southern Gothic menace of kudzu all in one intoxicating wave of fruity florality. It's extrait strength, so go easy... and ruthlessly prune back stray runners lest they overtake the neighborhood.

Scent Elements: Grapes, honey, orchid, musk