Osafume (Olympic Orchids)

There's something to be said for the argument that reading about a perfume before a first wearing (or even knowing its name, as per Chandler Burr) can skew one's perceptions beyond the reach of objectivity. Based on information found in magazines, on websites, or in blog posts, one forms expectations which are fated for either disappointment or vindication; the only way to break through this envelope is to take a cold approach. With that in mind -- and in a state of total ignorance as to its notes, its backstory, or the meaning of its name -- I wore Osafume. It smelled exactly like Strawberry Nesquik. Then I perused the notes list and several other bloggers' reviews, which assured me that Osafume was all anise. So I went back and tried it again, and presto: anise. But although I do like anise, I still don't like Osafume. I trust my perceptions and tastes, and to be honest, pink milk was never my thing. I know some people love it, and they're welcome to it. I guess it's a taste some of us just never acquired.

Scent Elements: Anise, star anise, magnolia, heliotrope, vanilla, white musk