Siam Proun (Olympic Orchids)

Here's October, and so begins Olympic Oktoberfest-- a random sampling of Olympic Orchids fragrances untrammeled by rules and regulations. I've got 'em and I'll wear 'em-- but I'll write about them on my own schedule, and damn the leftovers.

Perfumer Ellen Covey composed Siam Proun as a tribute to Provence, where her family once resided. Even if the story does smack of pure PR fantasy, it's a comely bit of scenery against which to showcase a fragrance. (Side note: in Provençal, siam proun means "we are sufficient". However, the word proun is also an acronym coined by Russian artist El Lissitzky for the phrase proekt utverzhdenya novogo, "project for the affirmation of the new". Interesting, no?)

A readymade image of sun-baked garrigue harried by an everpresent wind: this is exactly the Provence that Siam Proun references. If it delivered a bite of tart hesperides or a cucurbitous zing of calone, I'd call it "marine fresh" and leave it at that. If its orange blossom and lavender were turned up a notch, I'd surrender it to the eau de cologne camp without demur. But this unusual fragrance is neither refreshing or relaxing; the acre of wild thyme at its heart may give off a therapeutic aroma, but an elusive touch of smoked sea salt evokes oceanic turbulence, overturning all notion of cool composure.

Siam Proun is an arid, unsettling scent which teeters between earth and sky with nonchalance, as if the cliff's edge has always been its home. If you possess the same fortitude, wear it... but whatever you do, don't look down.

Scent Elements: Orange blossom, bergamot, mint, lavender, rosemary, thyme, heather, yuzu, amber