Grev (Slumberhouse)

Here I am at the end of my Slumberhouse run, and I'm glad to report that I enjoyed relative good luck with this line. Out of eleven fragrances, only four disappointed me, which sets the ratio of good-to-bad at roughly 3:2 (or three-fifths).  In comparison to other lines, I'd rate Slumberhouse as "not nearly as good as Soivohle" but "far more interesting than Parfumerie Générale" and "leaves Olympic Orchids in the dust".

I reserved Grev for last because it wanted a wintry day to unlock what I have to say about it. The minty combination of evergreen and wintergreen (methyl salicylate derived from sweet birch buds) is simple yet obvious, like lyrics which prove inseparable from their original melody. Add the icewater chill of iris, and glittering hoarfrost limns the scenery in silver.  The whole world is awash in feathery flicks of Disney Fantasia pink and blue. It's so divine, I'm saving the remainder to wear on New Year's Eve, when it will complement two flutes of prosecco to perfection.

Scent Elements: Copaiba balsam, birch buds, fir, clove, iris, cedar