Jeke Parfum Extrait (Slumberhouse)

My pal DC recently told me that a cousin of hers has embraced a new career as a designer of artisanal eLiquid. (That's the elixir -- and honestly, wouldn't "eLixir" be a better name? -- composed of propylene glycol, flavorings, and nicotine which is aerosolized in a personal vaporizer or eCigarette.) By DC's description, her cousin's craft sounds a lot like perfumery, which got me thinking. What perfumes would I smoke, if smoking perfume were possible? Well, Cabochard, of course... Liz Zorn's Meerschaum... Puredistance M... Aramis Havana... Jasmin et Cigarette... the indispensible Fumerie Turque... and Jeke by Slumberhouse.

If there existed a tobacco whose smoke smelled just like Jeke, I'd be back in the habit in the blink of an eye. Here's an aroma as fruity-meaty-smoky-sweet as pemmican, as dense and Christmas-y as mince, more meal than after-dinner smoke. When you've got a labdanum this rich, a patchouli this dirty, a cade this infernal, a tobacco this earthy, you need a note that lassoes it all together. Here, it's clove-- an additive I love in both 'fume and fumum. We're not talking about some pale apothecary tincture reminiscent of doctors' or dentists' offices. Jeke's clove essence is fiery, caustic and pure. A drop of it on your skin would leave a tiny blister. But cut with all of Jeke's other constituent elements, its heat is diffused and broadened, changed by alchemy and art into something that embraces the wearer and boosts their well-being. I feel uplifted by Jeke... and to my knowledge, it's not due to a nicotine rush.

Still, a scent this profound and mystical can't be delivered in a flimsy rolling paper or an electronically dosed vapor. Jeke possesses weight and presence beyond the medium it's meant to represent; it seems to deserve (nay, earn!) a pipe -- preferably briar-burl or red catlinite, solid and weighty and satisfying to hold in the hand. All the ritual required to fill, light, and smoke it would serve as a testament to the worthiness of this addictive scent.

Scent Elements: Cade, tobacco, patchouli, benzoin, labdanum, lapsang souchong tea, clove, vanilla