Vintage Parfum du Jour: Dolce & Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana)

Why wear it? Nostalgia-- it's been at least a year since I donned this tragically discontinued gem. I guess that one year is just enough time to forget how yummy and rich it is. But in the twenty years that have elapsed since D&G's release, each successive fragrance from this house has shown evidence of declining standards. Used to be that the phrase "affordable couture" indicated the best of both worlds (thrift and luxury). Now the price is higher than ever, but poverty rules the creative director's roost.

What does it do? It reminds me that sometimes aldehydes work just fine. I often grouse about those which smell fishy or frosty, but here, they lend a delicious fatty candle-wax density to a powdery floral amber that might otherwise be blown flat to the ground by the next gust of wind.

How do I feel? Grateful for the satiny touch of grace on a dull and drowsy Friday.