Vintage Parfum du Jour: Intimate (Revlon)

Why wear it? What on earth is stopping you? You're a mammal, I presume. If not, you are hands-down the smartest amphibian I've ever met. Look at you sitting there all web-footed, surfing the internet and everything! Whatever you happen to be, if you've got a pulse, Intimate is the adorable floral you were put on this earth to worship body and soul.

What does it do? It delights. Really. No matter what version you own (I myself own EdC, EdT, PdT, and huile, and I have also sampled the parfum spray with my pal DC) the pleasure is all yours. Intimate's aldehydes are more champagne punch than chemical iceberg, and they give way readily to a delicious skin scent redolent of the grand triumvirate of warm-blooded animalics-- civet, castoreum, musk. I could wear Intimate every day for a year, and there's not a season, reason, or sentiment it wouldn't suit.

How do I feel? Mmmmmrrrrreoooow.