Vintage Parfum du Jour: Réplique Parfum, EdT, and Huile Pour le Bain (Raphael & Revlon)

Why wear it? I've got quite a lot of it to use up! From the original Raphael parfum in its classic "R" flacon to the 1960s Revlon EdT version, I've accumulated a goodly amount of this rich coriander-laced leather chypre over the years. The one thing I do not have (and what's more, harbor no desire to try) is the Long Lost Perfumes version. With all this Réplique, whyever would I need a replica?

What does it do? Singly, these scents satisfy. Collectively, they knock your motherloving socks off. The EdT readies you for the parfum's intense pleasures the way that matte medium primes a canvas for the application of rich hues and textures. If you've got Réplique in multiple incarnations, wear 'em all, I say. If you don't do a thing thoroughly, why do it at all?

How do I feel? Under the influence of pure, uncut perfumista catnip.