Vintage Parfum du Jour: Via Lanvin (Lanvin)

Why wear it? "In celebration of going", as an early-1970s advertisement for this chic galbanum floral proclaimed. "For the woman who lives and lives and brings a breath of fresh air into every place she walks." Or in my case, a fog of fear sweat as I struggled to run an understaffed Saturday shift on the tail end of a countywide ILS crash.

What does it do? With a blast of galbanum and lemon, it keeps a lady cool under pressure, while jasmine and sandalwood remind her that there's a soft end in sight. But more: emotionally, it girds a girl's fortitude-- a tangible effect on an intangible inner resource, without which one would flop like a ragdoll.

How do I feel? Oy. I have long adored Via, but today my love goes beyond simple appreciation of its merits and borders on helpless gratitude. Without it, I don't know how I would have gotten to five o'clock.