Ariane Vintage Perfume (Avon)

This holiday, my friend Toni offered me a most unique gift out of her sizable stash of vintage Avon collectibles. As we speak, I'm wearing a silvertone metal cylinder (highly polished, starkly modernist) designed to conceal a standard 1ml. perfume vial. Slender silver chains allow this ornament to hang level with my heart. Etched onto its back are the words ARIANE '77-- the Avon fragrance with which this conversation piece is filled.

A potpourri of dried petals, spices, and woods revitalized with a juicy drizzle of golden fruit, Ariane (1977) aligns very neatly with the aesthetic put forth by Cacharel's Anaïs Anaïs, which debuted the same year. Normally Avon fragrances fall somewhat short of the originals they emulate, but in this case, I find that the substitute profits from its differences. (That dry, smoky vetiver, for instance-- and the tiniest touch of Mitsouko's peach aldehyde! Delightful!) At once ultramodern and archaic, the combo of fragrance and pendant projects a nifty New Age vibe which I'm enjoying to the hilt.

Scent Elements: Aldehydes, bergamot, peach, rosewood, pimiento, coriander, cinnamon, carnation, ylang-ylang, iris, jasmine, orchid, lily-of-the-valley, rose, vetiver, sandalwood, benzoin, musk