Parfum du Jour: Botrytis (Ginestet)

Why wear it? To evoke the radiant warmth of September in the glacial darkness of January.

What does it do? It does what a perfume named after the spirit of Sauternes should do: it intoxicates, warms, fortifies, and infuses the wearer with a courage as vast as the sun.

How do I feel? Like I wasn't too far off the mark with this perfume in the first place. Sometimes you wear a fragrance again after too long a lapse in usage, and it doesn't strike you as nearly unique as it previously did. But Botrytis passes easily through the strait gate. It remains itself, sumptuous and smooth, reminiscent of many things broadly but nothing else exactly. How could one wear this, except on rare and special occasions? Certain pleasures can never be pedestrian. They must remain golden through and through.