Parfum du Jour: Excess (Tokyo Milk)

Why wear it? Within five minutes of spraying an excess of Excess upon my person this morning, I asked myself the very same question. That beautiful blood orange accord which normally stirs up Christmas-morning joyfulness smelled rank and nauseating to my nose; instead of the usual choirs of angels, the masterful blend of wood and incense notes only summoned up visions of unclean guinea pig cages. It being too late to scrub, I left for work feeling as though I had been damned for all eternity. Thank god Excess sorted itself out by the time I arrived; now I'm sitting pretty in a halo of woodsy goodness, back in heaven where I belong.

What does it do? Plays tricks, but we knew that already. Then it does penance, to its benefit-- and to ours.

How do I feel? Like maybe the world isn't half as bad as they say.