Parfum du Jour: Pour Un Homme (Caron)

Why wear it? Because you're a man. Spelled M... A, child!...N! A full-grown man! A natural-born lover man! You're a rollin' stone. A hoochie-coochie man. Yes, you're a man... even though you're a woman.

What does it do? It works on everybody. Everybody. Male, female, young, old, gay, straight, innocent or jaded. Some spoil-sports advance the opinion that Pour Un Homme rightly belongs only to men. But the rest of us just keep doing what we do, wearing whatever strikes our fancy and saying "What?! Speak up! We can't hear you!"

How do I feel? More rough-and-ready than fine-and-dandy, but that's as it should be. I have too many years and too many scars to qualify for that perpetual jeunesse dorée Monsieur de Mouchoir... but give me five years, and I'll be une femme d'un certain âge and finally ready for full-time Jicky.