Parfum du Jour: Vetiver Dance (Tauer)

Why wear it? Well, in my case, because it was the random sample I fished out of the drawer. I'd gone without scent this morning because I had a doctor's appointment, after which I had a mini-seizure that left me reeling with nausea and dizziness. Once my head and stomach quit spinning, I decided a dab of something might do something for my mood. Of all the perfumes it might have been, it was Vetiver Dance-- and I was glad.

What does it do? Today it performs very differently than it did the last several times I wore it, or even when I first reviewed it four-odd years ago. Back then, I compared Vetiver Dance to a Tri-Omino in that it "treats its main ingredients much like these game pieces, tripling them after a pattern that bolsters each element's natural tendency best". Well, la di da! Today it was all vetiver, ambergris, and tonka-- a straight line from smoky to sexy to soapy, bam bam bam like plain old dominoes. Forget all the other ingredients; forget my highfalutin theory; this thing is really very simple. No dice required.

How do I feel? Like no matter how jaded I think I've gotten about fragrance, it still has so much to teach me.