Parfum du Jour: 1876 Mata Hari (Histoires de Parfums)

Why wear it? Because it's my day off. 1876 Mata Hari is a delicate, yielding fragrance not made for a harsh and judgmental world. Simply out of regard for its welfare, I would hesitate to wear it to work-- but since I'm not there, I trust I may drop my defenses and permit myself one unguarded pleasure.

What does it do? It offers a rose without thorns, innocence without betrayal, sweetness without tooth decay, beauty without backlash.  At the very moment that my cynicism is cresting, Mata Hari 1876 reminds me that not everything in the world is out to get me.

How do I feel? As though a haze of blessed unreality has interposed itself between me and Monday.