Parfum du Jour: 31 Rue Cambon (Chanel)

Why wear it? Because it's first on the list! No. Because 31 Rue Cambon is one of the lovelier fragrances that has ever emerged from the witch's cauldron chez Chanel.

What does it do? Via an unctuous combination of iris butter, ambrette, labdanum, and patchouli, 31 Rue Cambon creates an illusion of bitter dark xocolatl liberally imbued with fiery pepper. It's sweeter than Borneo 1834, drier than Bittersweet, darker than Coromandel, more tractable than Iris Taizo... and with the wind chill dipping below 0°F, it's ideal for anyone who's warm-blooded and wishes to stay that way.

How do I feel? Overstimulated. Dry, frigid winter days crackling with static electricity always trigger unreasonable phobias in me. The thought of anything scratchy, woolly, pebbly, rubbery, wispy, or wet brushing across my arms, legs, or shoulder blades causes me exquisite imaginary torment; the idea of taking a shower repulses me, and a stray fashion photograph of an accordion-pleated nylon dress actually makes me whimper out loud. When such nettlesome reactions rage within, a fragrance like 31 Rue Cambon soothes my jangled nerves. I imagine it flowing over me like liquid vitamin E, protecting me against the world's invisible prickles.