Parfum du Jour: Fleurs de Bulgarie (Creed)

Why wear it? Frigid winter is, for me, high time for the peppery-sweet appeal of roses. Fleurs de Bulgarie is an ideal rose, if you want to visit that neighborhood without straying into its more fusty, kitschy, clichéed culs-de-sac.

What does it do? It captures a very particular woman at the height of her glory-- an exaltation which owes less to power and position than to the simple fact that she loves and is loved in return. Bulgarian rose otto, bergamot, ambergris, and musk: a very humble recipe, but one that radiates all the self-confidence of a regal birthright. Isn't it funny-- all the hollering and baying which surround Creed's masculines, when this femme gem outshines them all?

How do I feel? I've been wearing Fleurs de Bulgarie for two days straight now. Against some fairly heavy odds, it has thus far enabled me to remain upright. Based on its success (which is balanced very precisely against the persistent nature of my malady) I may follow it up with similar hardy blooms: India Gulab, Quan Yin, Cordovan Rose, Moment de Bonheur, White Linen, Chanel No. 18, Parfum Sacré, L'Ombre dans L'Eau, Tumulte, La Rose Jacqueminot...