Parfum du Jour: J'Adore (Dior)

Why wear it? It's snowing, and a bitter, biting, unkind wind is blowing. I suppose I wanted to feel warm, and I had a vague (and possibly faulty) vision of J'Adore glowing down the long hallway of my memory like an antique lumière.

What does it do? In its cheerful synthetic way, J'Adore projects the sweetness of a deluxe restaurant desert-- albeit one served in a Philip K. Dick dystopian future, where even food is cultivated in a biochemical lab. Something in your brain says, This can't be real; this can't be RIGHT. But your stomach and tastebuds chorus, Nomnomnom!

How do I feel? Confused. Nauseated. Did I really like this so much back in the day? Now I smell nothing of what seemed so clear before: a rich, smooth, ambered-up tropical floral that wore like heavy satin and made the mundane seem gilded and special. All the time I've devoted exclusively to vintage and niche perfumes must have spoiled me for mainstream blockbusters like this.