Parfums du Jour: Via Lanvin (Lanvin) and Florida Water (Murray & Lanman)

Why wear them together? Well, funny you should ask. Long ago I picked up a very pretty, reusable, and empty Lanvin purse sprayer. I filled it with Florida Water and used it now and again. When I lucked into a quantity of Via Lanvin, I topped it off. The mixture of the two fragrances -- flowery/spicy and woody/lactonic -- has proven to be pretty fetching.

What do they do? Something about Florida Water's clove- and mace-imbued orange blossoms draws forth the cedarwood buried in Via's base so that it ends up resembling a zesty EdC version of L'Air du Désert Marocain. Sadly, it fades rather faster than Tauer's masterwork, but it's lovely while it lasts-- and I have enough of it to justify multiple reapplications throughout the day.

How do I feel? Better. My husband is home sick with a cold, and we're holed up with kitty Hiro in our cozy communal burrow. It snowed this morning -- no more than an inch -- and then the sun appeared. You see how little there is to report when peace and quiet reigns! This blissful lack of newsworthiness is what I'm striving toward in my life.