DKNY Women Energizing Eau de Parfum (Donna Karan)

Donna Karan DKNY Women Energizing EdP (what a mouthful!) debuted in 2011 as a flanker to 1999's DKNY Women. Fresh and zippy, it's meant to evoke Manhattan on a summer day. By this, I do not mean the usual exhaust fumes, fermented piss, ripening garbage, and fresh-baked pretzels. DKDKNYEEdP (why not?) instead relies upon an "iced vodka" note to please the overheated among us. Added to this cocktail, one finds other refreshments: tomato leaf (crisp and green, with a savory hint of cilantro), frosty limoncello, a touch of white birch wintergreen and shade-loving violet. If you're in the city at all, you're inside a temple of plate-glass walls and marble floors and central air jacked up as high as it can go-- and oh, do you feel cool and composed.

Scent Elements: Hesperides, iced vodka, violet, tomato leaf, lotus, green coral orchid, narcissus, white birch, tulip tree bark, ozone