Electron and Iced White (A Dozen Roses)

Ever so long ago at Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2012, I picked up two free spray samples by A Dozen Roses, a house I've discussed in previous posts. That ADR founders Lynn Emmolo and Sandy Cataldo are both former marketing executives* is evident in their strong emphasis of concept over content. First they trademarked the name for their line; then they developed its visual presentation (which is admittedly gorgeous). But the juice appears to have been an afterthought of sorts, wholly left up to Givaudan house noses to work out on their lonesome. Via quotable press release, we learn that "(p)erfumers were given free reign to create the fragrances in the collection based on original artwork and the emotion of roses that inspired them." The result, if not chaos, is only delicately skimming the edge of cohesion.

What connects the Dozen Roses? A "signature Rose Absolute", supposedly pure, natural, and responsibly-sourced, as well as "modern, precious and absolutely luxurious". Which is really funny, since with the exception of Shakespeare in Love, not a single one of the ADR fragrances I tested that day at Bergdorf Goodman even suggested roses. Given that roses are this line's raison d'etre, it makes you wonder, doesn't it? Honestly-- if the name that Lynn Emmolo and Sandy Cataldo went to such trouble to trademark is a conceit, then it is no small one. They can't say they never promised us a rose garden.

Electron is a crisp green tea laid over white musk. Iced White is a sheer osmanthus laid over white musk. If I find a rose in either of these two spray samples, you'll be the first to know.

*Emmolo worked for Avon, while Cataldo worked for YSL and Estee Lauder.

Scent Elements: Rose, green tea, violet, cattleya orchid, "neon" musk (Electron); rose, peony, primrose, osmanthus, vanilla, white musk (Iced White)