Parfum du Jour: Black (Puredistance)

Why wear it? Because I ran out of By Kilian Back to Black.

What does it do? Apes the above fragrance to an obscene degree, while subtly altering its recognizable black cherry/tobacco accord with a purloined soupçon of Poivre Piquant's pepper. Wow! A shameless ripoff of not one but TWO innovative fragrances! If they'd really wanted to push their plagiarism to the limit, they should've tinted it black with the same chemical used in Lady Gaga Fame.

How do I feel? Disappointed in Puredistance for opting into the overall laziness of the perfume industry, already rife with dupes. Annoyed at their cutesy-poo ploy of withholding the notes to preserve "the beauty of the unknown". And guilty-- because Black is still a very nice, very wearable fragrance which currently radiates from my hypocritical wrists. Damn it.