Sweet Dreams 2003 (A Lab On Fire)

There are artists one despises personally who create work one admires. There are artists one admires personally who create work one despises. Then there's Thierry Wasser. With others, I'm forced to judge who they are separately from what they do. But Wasser makes it easy on me by creating fragrances like Idylle, Cologne du Parfumeur, and Sweet Dreams 2003-- ugly, pugnacious things that wear out their welcome fast, as perhaps he might if ever we met.

Here's the PR blurb for Sweet Dreams:
Il était un fois (Once upon a time) a talented perfumer in New York City drafted one of his most prized creations, then left it behind with a friend when he escaped the city for a new beginning in Paris... His creation was safe guarded (sic), a priceless sliver of his past. Now, we can all visit that moment; we can all bask in his achievement.
CAN we now! Lucky us. Unfortunately, his achievement smells like cheap aftershave, laundry detergent, and raw, coppery blood blended together in an ungodly stew.  Sweet Dreams 2003 is neither as boring as Idylle nor as repulsive as Cologne du Parfumeur, but it far from pleases me. Its orange blossom is unpleasantly metallic, smelling for all the world as if it spent time in a tin can with an old-school soldered-lead seam. Its musk is disgustingly fetid, landing somewhere between parmigiano and smegma (and giving rise to keen embarrassment despite having been applied to meticulously clean skin). Its amber is of the deathless chemical variety so often found gracing he-man pulse points. Compared to Sanborns' celestial orange blossom or the paradise of Soivohle Transcendental Musc, this concoction seems the exact opposite of a "prized creation". You almost hope Thierry Wasser is joking.

Sweet Dreams purports to be an “ode to a better life”, encapsulating “the essence of stolen moments on a perfect beach, basking in the sunlight, listening to the Mediterranean lull”. And then you put the thing on and realize what a chump you are-- stranded without your luggage or passport in the perfume equivalent of a hostile tourist trap.

Scent Elements: Bergamot, neroli, petitgrain, orange flower, jasmine, musk, amber, castoreum