Stash (Sarah Jessica Parker)

This (and not Covet; my mistake) is the fragrance Sarah Jessica Parker wanted to make before Coty insisted on a mainstream girlish floral. It was worth the wait. Stash is everything SJP wanted according to Chandler Burr in The Perfect Scent: a complicated, raunchy, friendly tapestry of incense and animalics; a true and beautiful "body scent" suited to warm, musky, maybe even not-quite-clean skin. It wouldn't matter whether that skin belonged to a male or female; I imagine this might smell equally enticing on anyone who wears it. Heck, even one's own self, judging from the way I keep compulsively snorting the scented inside of my elbow. No shame in that, is there? I think that's what Sarah Jessica Parker wanted us know. Stash is her mash note to mammals everywhere. Thank you, Sarah J.

Scent Elements: Grapefruit zest, black pepper, sage, Atlas cedar, patchouli, ginger lily, pistachio, olibanum, massoia wood, vetiver and musk